My Experiences with online radio streaming!

We have an Idea

But we also want yours...

We are some broadcasters, streaming for years now. We worked with very nice software, but still, we are missing the real fun of broadcasting music. After a long search, we decided to built our own solution. We have an idea of what we want, now it is time to hear about yours...


When did you started with online broadcasting? *

Is your station an internet only station? *

What content do you broadcast? *

Do you have multiple DJ's? *

We are interested if your station works with multiple DJ's and especially those who do it from multiple places like their homes. If you have multiple DJ's but all are streaming from your studio, the answer is no.

What is your daily listener average *

Where are your listeners from? *

How do you currently obtain your music? *

We do not want to know if your downloads are legal or not, we are mainly interested in which work you do before you can use the music for your broadcasts. 

Does your station pay royalties? *

We do not want to know if your broadcast is legal or not, we are mainly interested in which way you pay royalties for your broadcasts.

Do you broadcast advertisings? *

Media Management *

What are the most irritating jobs you dislike in your media management?

Website synchronization *

Most of you will have somehow a website. But some find it not worthy to mention it because it is not up-to-date. Perhaps one of the reasons is listed here...

Radio Features *

Cost of it all *

Publishing our Radio online *

Which stream technique do you prefer? *

Which Audio file format do you prefer? *

Which 3th Party integration do you like? *

Which are your must haves? *

Are you on the search for an other solution? What is your reason? *

Not at allNot sureCould beMost likelyFor sure
Missing features
Current costprice
Technical hassles
Lack of support
Bad media management
Website integration
Work effort in general
Roalty fees
Streaming limmitations
Storage limmitations

Did you read here a feature you want for sure? *

Do you think our features are overkill? *

Besides Royalties, what is your monthly budget? *

In which region is your station located? *

Do you want to become an Alpha Tester?

Do you want to become a Beta Tester?