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What is your opinion on Internet Radio

Broadcaster Panel is searching ways to help broadcasters for getting their focus back on making radio instead of surviving the costs. But this means we need to find a solution for the artists, bands and their promoters as well.

We have some thoughts, let us know yours! Phase 2 of our project could help both worlds. Your feedback can help us to tune the project into a profitable solution for you as an artist and the broadcasters...


I'm answering in behalf of *

Do you think broadcasters should pay Royalties? *

Of course you want them to pay royalties. But lets say we have a soltion that all broadcasters joined in our blockchain can't manipulate their figures and we have a formula you get paid for your music being broadcasted, calculated on trust able figures. Do you think you could make exceptions for those who play your music in a way you can check if it is true???

How important are Internet Broadcasters? *

Statistics show us the market is changing. Internet Radio is different from Spotify, iTunes, Deezer or any other on-demand streaming service. Internet Radio is managed by people or DJ's who have put their feeling for music into the listeners experience. They can discover your music and influence their audience, but how important is that for you as a band or artist?

Not at allNot for meNot sureYes for meYes for sure
New releases
Our sales

How important are Royalty Organizations *

Not at allNot for meNo opinionYes for meYes for sure
Protect my work
Simplifying administration
Protection world wide
Getting paid
Statistics on popularity

We will join the Broadcaster Panel Block-Chain when *

The following statements are somehow an indication for us to understand what could be the key factor for you as an artist to decide to join a broadcaster network where you have some decision power on how your work is being handled....

Not at allNot for meNo opinionYes for meYes for sure
joining is free of charge
we can decide who (Radio) can use our music
we can decide the time frame for usage (from/until)
we can ask a fee for usage per radio/stream/listener
we can block the usage for private radio's
we can decide if our music can be requested
we are sure the radio's/DJ's/listeners cannot download
we get a fair % fee when stations run advertising
we can decide if our music is royalty free for broadcasting

The future of musicians is all about

YesNot sureNo
getting paid for our airtime on radio stations
getting paid for the actual number of listeners per stream
getting known with the public and receive more bookings
building a fan-base to sell albums and merchandising
finding a solution to stop piracy
getting support from platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Broadcaster Panel, ...

Do you think you could gain from a media network? *

Do you understand what we mean by Block-Chain? *

Complexity level *

Authentication preferences *

Do you already participate with others? *

I manage techniques/promotion myself! *

Illegal copying, piracy, ...

I do not worry at allI worry a little bitI am not sure if I need to be worriedI am more worried then notI am worried for sure
Security of my work against hacking and illegal downloads
My identity data is going public
My success rates are going public
The correct representation of the figures
I am going to be paid correctly
The earnings are going minor
Other people will try to steal my identity

New and extra workload

Which are your current worries? *