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All we wanted was making good internet radio...

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Basic Features

Tools you can't miss

Media Manager

It is all in the relations you can set


Gather all information about the bands. Relate them to band members, albums and tracks. Also handy for remixes and covers...


They can be a member of one or multiple bands, have their own albums or tracks. You can even link them to your CRM tools to communicate...


Several type of albums, singles, EP's. They are related to bands, artists and tracks, and you can relate them to other albums yourself or by 3th party tools like Spotify.


These are of course your core files to the radio stream. All needed relations are available, no limitations. Settings for making random playing even better.

Tag Manager

Time to group your music collection the way you want. no limits on number of tags, the system we use to make selecting music easier.

Schedule Manager

No time to schedule, meet the Fall Back logic

Smart Block

This tool will help you to make random playlists. They can be used to fill your schedules, or to have a fall back logic when your planned show fails.


The classic way DJ's or station managers plan their shows. They can be played in order or randomly. Playlists can also be filled with smart blocks.

Live Stream

Do you stream live shows from your studio or the DJ's  home? You can plan them, upstream your show and a fallback logic will help when it fails.

One show Planner

Filling your calendar can be done with a one time or recurring show.  You have a setting which will stream in case you forget it. We call it the default schedule.

Repeating show Planner

In case your show plays every day, week or month, you can plan it. The show will be linked to a playlist which the DJ's can change. Or you link it to a smart block...

Live broadcasting

Of course you can!


Special Features

These you do not see often...

Content Management

Avoiding entering the same data again and again

Website Integration

Platform has integrated website with CMS tools. This will make your station look great!


Keep in touch by starting your own radio community and use it to inform your audience.


Let your listeners vote for music, dj's or shows. It helps the smart blocks to choose music people really like.

Blogs, news and announcements

Write on a regular base, fill it with content from your media library, publish it on your social media.

Website Snippets

Snippets are blocks you can select and drop inside your website. Last played, recently added to library, ...

Business Management

Financials, events, advertising. Sounds like business to us

Address book

Keeping track of all your contacts is important to run your organization in a proper way.


Several options to register your financials. Going from sales to even invoicing if you want.

Membership management

Some stations work with memberships with subscriptions or donations, this will keep track of it.


Are you selling merchandising ? Sell them in your own shop and make people promote your station...

Event Management

Organize events for earning extra income? You can use this tool with ticket sales over your e-commerce site

Alpha Testers Needed

Limited number of participators!


Sign-up now! Become an Alpha Tester and provide us with feedback

Alpha testers will get 12 months free subscription after going live!!!

How it works...

Built with proven technology

What is Broadcaster Panel Platform?

What can you do with it, how does it works?

Broadcaster Panel Radio Automation is a concept which is built upon several open source tools. When you subscribe to our platform, we built a dedicated server for you where we have bound all these tools together. Beside these tools we have built some special modules with the tool we use for creating the user interface. With Odoo business framework we have created a media manager, DJ manager, radio planning and automated schedule fillers which we call Smart Blocks.

In this short presentation we give you an overview of the major features so you have a quick insight on our project. We discuss each specific feature in details if you want to know more.

For now we want to encourage you to gives us your thoughts and ideas on radio automation. Special attention goes to these tasks you have as a station manager which you currently miss at most. Since we had our own frustrations in the past while making online radio, we thought it couldn't be we were the only ones...

Do you want to gives us feedback? Please complete this survey, or sign-up and join the discussion in our forum...


Schematic of the BCP Platform Setup

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Built with several tools, linked together by the BCP Team

The BCP Team created templates with scripting and automation to setup a server within minutes. From here on, your server will be linked to the main update center of Broadcaster Panel.

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Broadcaster Panel: The Core, Odoo...

Our platform is using the Odoo Business Application Framework which is build for quick development in business environments. So it might sound a bit surprising, but when we started to write down all features of our platform, many known business workflows for online organizations came along.

Only some special features like our media management tools, schedules and playlist editors, DJ managers and streaming players are of course not commonly available in a business application.

But when you combine these features, you get a professional application for broadcasters and station managers. It will give broadcasters the possibility  to run their station like the professionals do.

Broadcaster Panel: The Extras

Beside the extras being created by integrating business workflows in a broadcasting platform, we have been working on other extras which makes our platform a killer app. By avoiding technical hassles when starting your online station, you still have the need to manage your media library.

Our platform is in this way developed to be ready for the future. Connecting your station to a central media database where media is being shared with all necessary information you need to be broadcast ready.

Advertising is integrated with online e-commerce facilities you can manage on your own. Tools to earn money, and make your station self sustainable, are important for online broadcasters, keeping it all affordable...