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Broadcaster Panel, Geert Surkijn
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To be honest, I am working on this project for several years now. But don't get me wrong, I mean this by reading, researching and selecting the right way to do it. It all started with my hobby which started in 2005. A couple of friends and myself decided to run an online Internet radio for fun. Pretty soon we had for about 10 to 20 simultaneous listeners. We worked on a good website, made sure we were on social media, and hey, we made sure everything was legal.

In 2010 we had about 90,000 followers on TuneIn. Facebook counted about 4,000 followers. We received for about 5 albums per week by regular mail which we had to rip, made the meta tags correct, uploaded them to our radio server which was running on a in house dedicated server and SAM Broadcaster as tool. Ok, we had to put a lot of effort in it. But it was fun. But the fun went downwards while the cost rises every year. Royalties were killing us, and in a discussion with these organizations we couldn't convince them that all music we received was for promotional use, so we had to pay full charge.

While searching for other solutions we tried several other options. But we had to decide to quit broadcasting, our financials couldn't fetch up the costs. Also the technical changes, the time consuming maintenance made it almost no fun any more. It was in these days, 2015-2016 that I started to think about a better solution. Many thoughts came along. Since my daily job is being part of development teams, I had opportunities to talk about my ideas.

The Broadcaster Panel idea got some structure, I found some other enthusiasts about my ideas. I had some financial people look into my business plan. It was time to proceed, after all, I still had no real solution found which could bring us satisfaction. And still, the quest for having a nice broadcaster platform remained.

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Since communicating is important, we need to be transparent for our followers. Blogging is one of the tools we want to use for it. So here it is. Building the website, preparing to go public. 1st of November 2018 will be the day we start with searching Alpha testers, and artists or bands who can provide us feedback from their perspective.

So please, do not hesitate to sign-up. Join the discussion in our forums. Or ask to join one of our Alpha or Beta test programs. Participate in one of our social media channels, and if you could spare some time, complete our survey.

Geert Surkijn, founder Broadcaster PanelĀ